Adam Bean Interviews Bob the Teacher

by Adam Bean on October 31, 2009

Can a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.
Who left school at age 15 to start his apprenticeship.
With very average school grades, my best two subjects were sport and lunch!!

And who has had no further formal education apart from my apprenticeship.

Although I  have completed, two years of what I consider to be.

One of the best online marketing training programs available.

Which is the Thirty Day Challenge.

Run a successful teleseminar??

I believe I can and I am going to prove it too you this Friday the 6th on November.

But don’t just take my word for it, make the decision for yourself.
Join the live event and decide for yourself.

I am going to interview Bob the Teacher Jenkins, and grill him to find out for you.

The best way you can leverage teleseminar’s for you bricks and mortar business.

Hi my name is Adam Bean from

And yes I really am a boilermaker by trade.

And the purpose of this teleseminar is too prove to you that anyone can run a teleseminar.
And create an information product, for their online presence.

That can be working for them in the following ways.

  • A free lead generating report.
  • A paid downloadable information product.
  • Or a combination of both.

But maybe you just don’t have the time to run your own teleseminar.
After all you are a successful bricks and mortar business owner.
Who already has enough to do without trying to run a teleseminar.
Well I have great news for you.
For more info visit I will host and record a teleseminar for you.

By interviewing you, or someone of your choice that you know.

Exactly the same way I am going to interview Bob.

With Christmas coming up, this is a great time to make an information product.

On your hottest selling Christmas item.

Let me give you an example.

As I am an avid fisherman, I am going to use a fishing reel as an example.

I am going to give you two scenario’s as too how this would work.

Number One

  • I come into your shop, and purchase a fishing reel from you for myself for Christmas.
  • With my fishing reel, you put in a small card that says.
  • To get the best use out of your new fishing reel.
  • Go to this website to download this free report, best maintenance tips for your fishing reel.
  • I go to your site download the report, so now you have my contact details.
  • And can keep in touch with me, whenever you have specials etc.

Number Two

  • I land on your web site, looking for a fishing reel.
  • Download the free report.
  • And decide I will come and buy my fishing reel from you, because of the valuable information you have already provided me with.

This works the same way for most products, all you have to do is record the valuable information.

That you currently provide your customers with every day.

And turn it into an information product.

We will be covering this, and much more during the teleseminar.

For those who don’t want to wait until then to order, their own Christmas information product.

I have an early bird special below, with a further 25% discount for ordering before the call.

Just to be really clear on what you get.

  • I will host the call, you can invite up too 250 to call in by phone. And up too 2000 can listen online.
  • I interview you, or someone you organize to create your information product.
  • I provide you with an MP3 copy of the interview

To register for the call, which is free.

Just enter you details in the form below, and click submit.

And I will email you the call in details.

See you on the call.


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Adam Bean

Adam Bean the Sunshine Coast Social Entrepreneur

Adam Bean the Sunshine Coast Social Entrepreneur

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