Do you have one of these Mind Viruses??

by Adam Bean on April 11, 2010

At the local library today I came across a book by Pat Mesiti…

The $1 Million Reason To Change Your Mind.

Before I go any further let me give you a little warning!! Pat doesn’t pull any punches when he writes or speaks. I know this from experience as I have listened to him speak both live and on audio recordings.

If you like to make excuses and feel sorry for yourself then Pat isn’t the sort of bloke you are going to like!! However if you want to know what you need to change in your life, presented in a no bullshit straight to the point sort of way. Race out and get a copy now!!!

Anyway as I became engrossed in the first seven chapter this afternoon, the first chapter where Pat talks about viruses of the mind really hit home .

It was quite fitting actually as I arrived at the library I logged into foursquare and sent out a message…

“Time to find some brain food”

It’s amazing what your brain will find when you have told it what to look for. Don’t believe me?? Then let me run this simple scenario past you.

Have you ever been looking for a Cd and you have a clear picture of what the cover looks like in your mind, you look up and down your Cd rack but you can’t see it. You know it is in there because you just put it back in last night. So you you go through you Cd collection again one by one reading the names on the covers.

There it is right in front of you,how could you have missed it? You missed it because the picture you had in your mind was incorrect and your brain didn’t register the Cd when it saw it. So why did your brain miss it?? Your brain missed it because you had given it the wrong picture to look for.

The same is true in life, we may say we want one thing but these virus in our minds create a different picture of what we actually think we should have. For example we may say that we want financial security, but the picture we create in our mind may not be congruent with this desire. Possible because of some of the following viruses of the mind that we may have picked up as early as childhood.

Have a read through them and see how many you have been told or heard that you still sub-consciously believe.

  • The rich are greedy
  • We can’t afford it
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money won’t make you happy
  • Life wasn’t meant to be easy
  • You will never amount to anything

I am sure you will also have a number of your own to add, once you start to really think about it. That is why it is vitally important to spend some time creating a clear concise picture of what you want in life so that your brain can seek out ways for you to achieve your needs, wants and desires.

A great way I find of doing this is to get a big sheet of cardboard and then cut out pictures from magazines, of the things you need, want and desire. Put it in a prominent place in your home so that your brain and subconscious mind are working on solutions to help you attain these items.

So what viruses of the mind have you already recognized? Please add them to the comments section, so that we can all benefit from recognizing and overcoming them. Be sure to check out Pat’s site (Click Here Pat Mesiti) as I am sure you will learn as much from him as I have.

Get out there and make a difference!!

If a boilermaker form the Sunshine Coast can do it, So Can You!!!

Cheers Beanie

Adam Bean the Sunshine Coast Social Entrepreneur

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