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by Adam Bean on November 10, 2009

After the Bob the teacher interview, the majority of business owners that listened to the call or recording.

Recognized the fact that they needed to create their own information product ASAP.

There were two common problems though.

Problem number one was that they just didn’t have the time to create a product them selves.

And problem number two

Many business owners have a web designer working for them, that they are already happy with.

But their web designer, either doesn’t understand how to create an information product.

Or just does not offer that service.

So to counteract this problem I have created a turnkey service, where I will do the following for you.

Host and record an interview for you.

Supply you with that interview in an MP3 and transcribed PDF format.

So that your information product is in an audio and text format.

Which you simple give to your web designer and have them load it onto your site.

To find out more about this service.

Head on over to my Sunshine Coast Web Marketing site.

Or if this solution doesn’t suit your business.

You can call me on 0414502809 to discuss your needs further.

If you haven’t done so already, you can listen to a sample of the call with Bob the teacher on the link below.

Listen to the sample now

Adam Bean

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