He put the flat bit on the bottom!!!

by Adam Bean on December 30, 2009

This saying drives my family absolutely nuts. Why I hear you ask? because I say it every time I consider that I do something brilliant.

Which IMHO is quite regularly!!! But my family don’t seem to share my enthusiasm for my brilliance. Go figure.
Anyway today I thought I would look for this ad on you-tube to load it up onto this blog, so now I can drive you nuts as well as my family.

This is going to be a competition that I run for the year, when you do something that you consider is worthy of a “He Put The Flat Bit On The Bottom”, head over to this post and put it in the comments section.

I will use a site like random.org to pick a random winner every month so that everyone gets a chance to win. The prize will be that I will write a post about your business or site to promote it on this blog, and add to it some tips to help you market it with social media.

I will also record and post the draw on you-tube so that you can check that it is all legit.

My only caveat is if you have some sort of porn site or the like, there is no way I am going to promote that.

So what is it that you have done? or what stroke of genius have you come up with that you can share with us this month.

I will kick things off with a list of my top five posts of 2009 that I consider…

Put the flat bit on the bottom!!!

A blog is your business hub online

How to fix a website that is a lemon

Twitter Isn’t an ATM

Twitter is about quality

Baby delivered via you-tube video

Get out there and make a difference!!

If a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can do it, So Can You!!!

Cheers Adam Bean


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Adam Bean

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Adam Bean January 7, 2010 at 8:36 am

I had to put this one in I just created a Google Calendar that is going to hold all of my events for the year.
Then I can use it at the end of the year to go back and measure what I have achieved!!!
That is what I am talking about when I say “He Put The Flat Bit On The Bottom”

It on the Events Page at the top of this blog!!

Cheers Adam

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