What’s your Big Excuse?

by Adam Bean on January 7, 2010

IMHO there are no longer any valid excuses not to start your own online business, and start makeing money ASAP.

Everyone can and should be in business for themselves,(and when I say everyone that includes you!!!) even if you have no money to start with.

That’s easy for you to say Adam, how exactly can that be done? In this post I am going to give you a list of free resources that will literally blow your mind. Everyone should be leveraging these free resources and the huge opportunities available, to help create prosperity in their little corner of the world.

In fact for those willing to take action, you can be up and running in a matter of hours.

This is a list of common excuses I regularly, come across…

Be warned if you aren’t interested in having a positive influence in your corner of the world (which I highly doubt if you have read this far) don’t read any further!!! As I am going to take these excuses away from you.

Are you ready?? Cause here we go…

* I don’t have a computer or internet connection.

Go to your local library they have computers you can use with free internet access.

* I Don’t have any money.

See the list of free resources at the bottom of this article.

* I am not interested in money.

Make it and give it away, there are plenty of people in genuine need of help,that would be interested in accepting the money you don’t want.

* I don’t know anyone that can help me.

I have been able to connect with, both Justin Herald and Bob Jenkins, who have both helped me out expecting nothing in return.

* My favorite I don’t have the time.

I am yet to meet the person who uses this excuse, who doesn’t spend a considerable amount of time in front of the TV every day. The old adage if you want to get something done, get a busy person to do it, stands true to this day.

Is that all of the excuses?? Probable not!! If you have a better one post it in the comments section below, and I will do my best to help you come up with a way around it.

If you have been using one of these excuses don’t feel to bad a least you are still reading which means you are ready to start making a difference!!

You see it’s not all your fault, you were put in a school system from an early age that programmed you to become an employee, not an entrepreneur!! And it was probable taught to you by your parents as well.

Before the industrial age and factories, most family’s ran their own small business. And everyone in the family was part of this business, making the family a self sufficient unit. The Industrial age to a certain degree took that independence away.

Which created a society of needy dependent people. However I believe that the internet is such a powerful tool that if you just take some action and use it. We can again create a family unit that isn’t dependent upon governments and jobs for their income.

Here is the list of free resources I promised.

Use them and start making a difference, they are all free a couple I am an affiliate of and I will write I am an affiliate next to them so that you know.

Lets start with training…

Blogs and Web 2.0 sites

Audio Recording and Editing

Create an Affiliate program

Paydot: Create your own affiliate program (Warning I am an affiliate, and I may make some money if you use this service!!!)

Receiving Payments

Paypal: Enables to you to be able to accept payments online. (Warning I am an affiliate, and I may make some money if you use this service!!!)

There is also a myraid, of free resources available this is just scratching the surface. If you know of or offer a great free service that other entrepreneur’s can benefit from.

Please share it in the comments section.

Let me finish with one last quick tip.

If you don’t know how to do something, like using one of the free blog platforms or web 2.0 pages.

Go to youtube and search on it, just type in how to in front of what you want to know.

There is more than likely, free step by step tutorials showing you exactly what to do!!!

Get out there and make a difference!!!

If a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can do it, So Can You!!!

Cheers Adam Bean

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Herrin Larkan
Twitter: ecwebsites
January 12, 2010 at 10:16 am

Hello Adam. Great article and I’m sure I have used some of these before.

It’s interesting what you were saying about the industrial age. I agree. It’s the beginning of what Stephen Covey calls, the movement away from the ground.

I was lucky, in that I had a family where we all had to pull our weight to make it all work. One of mu jobs as a little boy was cutting the wood and burying the bog!!

So lets just say I had a down to earth childhood. ha ha

I really enjoy your go get-em attitude and I think Aussies make great marketers cause we tend to tell it like it is.

Take care and keep going! :-)

Adam Bean January 12, 2010 at 11:01 am

Thanks for your comments Herrin.

You aren’t the only one who has used some of these excuses.
You know what they say about how we write about what we need to learn most.

I am with you on the marketing thing, just tell it like it is.

Cheers Adam

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