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by Adam Bean on December 22, 2009

Should a blog be your part of your business startup ideas strategy???
IMHO you would be mad not to have a self hosted blog as part of online marketing system.

By the end of this post my aim is to have fully convinced you of the advantages a blog can add to any business whether it is an online business or an offline bricks and mortar business

Take a good look around my blog for example, this is the hub of my online business with numerous leads plugging into it (ie:social networking profiles) which are the conduits for traffic.

You can see these profiles in the sidebar such as my twitter,stumbleupon, mymashable etc…
The reason I have all of these different profiles is to reach different people on different sites, and so that I can interact with them not only here on my blog but also on these other sites where they hang out online.

Interaction is one of the greatest advantages of a blog, if you have read some of my posts before or over at Sunshine Coast Web Design and Marketing you will already know that I firmly believe that the days of static web pages are all but over. I tell all of my clients that if you are not interacting with your customers online, someone else probable is. So guess where those customer are most likely to purchase next??

That’s right with the guy who is interacting with them and adding value to their life!!!!

Another great advantage of a blog is that you can quickly and easily add quality relevant up to date information that the search engines love.
Increasing your chance of ranking for keywords for that all important organic traffic.

A blog also allows you to share a little of your personal story and life with your visitor’s, take for instance the 10,000 photo’s project that I have going on over in my sidebar.
By doing this it allows me to share a little of my life with potential client’s and they can get a bit of an idea of whether I am the type of person they would consider doing business with.

It is imperative that you connect with your audience and that you make it easy for people to be able to contact you, to build that all important credibility and trust.

This is just a few of the advantages of having a blog for your business, I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback as to whether you think a blog should be part of your business startup ideas strategy or current business online marketing plan.

Please leave your thoughts or any questions in the comments section below. I guarantee I will answer them.

Get out there and make a difference.
If a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can do it.. So Can You!!!

Cheers Adam Bean
The Sunshine Coast Social Entrepreneur

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Adam Bean

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