#FAILweek Why Failure gets a Bad Rap!!!

by Adam Bean on January 31, 2010

Welcome to #FAILweek a unique opportunity for Entrepreneur’s all over the globe to come together and gain some valuable insights as too how failure can be viewed as a positive (IMHO mandatory) part of both business enterprises, and life in general. #FAILweek has been brought to fruition by Jason Markow of the think here blog, so that Entrepreneur’s like you and I can come together and learn from each others mistakes.

The reason I jumped at the chance to participate with Jason and other Entrepreneur’s on this great idea, is that I truly believe failure has a very bad image problem, that conjures up pictures in our mind like the Woman beside us.

The school system programs us from an early age to fear failure and conditions us to believe that failure is a bad thing. If we can learn to discard that poor mentality and start looking at failure as a chance to start over again, failure all of a sudden takes on a new meaning for you. Where you say… well that failed but I learnt this, so now I know exactly how to do it better next time.

Children instinctively know that failure is a good thing, and use it to their full advantage until they get to school and the system squashes that belief out of them.

Don’t believe me? Well think about these three things that you would have learnt to do by failing while you where still a child…

  1. Speaking… We learn to speak by making noises that sound nothing like the words we are trying to get out!! FAILURE!!!!
  2. Walking… We learn to walk by continually falling down!!!    FAILURE!!!
  3. Riding a bike… We learn to ride a bike by falling off!!!   FAILURE!!!!!

So we fail along happily learning everything we need to know until we get to SCHOOL!!!!

If you are starting to get the idea that I don’t have much time for the school system you are right on!!! But that is a rant for another day!! Failure is going to happen to us continually throughout our lives, so lets start looking at how we can learn and grow from our failures!!!

The whole purpose of #FAILweek is to share a personal story about a business you failed at, with the three key points below to be addressed.

  • The Stage- Tell everyone about the project/product/company you set off to accomplish.
  • The Fireball- Share the 3 main reasons everything came crashing down.
  • The Lesson- What did you take away from your experience? What are you doing about it?

So lets get started with the stage…

I am not going to come straight out and bag the system that I tried to use, other than to say it was to do with spiderwebs and online marketing systems. So if you really want to know what I am talking about you can google it and make up your own mind!!

Now let me take full responsibility for myself here, I got started with this system for all the wrong reasons, so failure was only a matter of time!!!

I had just returned from a three day wealth creation seminar. At that event I heard a speaker called David Cavanagh of gettingstartedontheinternet.com talk about starting an online business. This was my first mistake. I should have spent the money and signed up for David’s mentoring, instead of trying to build a business on a free marketing system.

When I started with this system I knew nothing about building an online business!!! I only signed up for this system because I thought naively that I was just going to jump online setup this system in a few days, then sit back and watch the money roll in. So my heart was never in it and it showed up in my results. I did learn something very important from their video training though. I learnt what a wordpress blog was and how to set up this blog so that it was self hosted.

I told you I knew nothing when I started, I am not kidding that I didn’t even know what a blog or web hosting actually were!!!! Want to know the name of that blog so that you can check it out?? Well you won’t have to look to far the blog’s name was adamthebean.com that right this blog you are reading right now!!!

Obviously I have learnt quite a bit since that early failure. That I believe is the whole point of #FAILweek. This blog and it’s content that you see here in front of you, as well as my business blog sunshinecoastwebmarketing.com are both a direct result of that one first failure.

As I have got a bit carried away with this post and pretty much covered the stage and the fireball in one post, I will spend the rest of the week showing you the tools and resources I used to turn it all around. I sincerely hope I have convinced you of the benefits of thinking about failure as good thing. If I haven’t maybe Michael Jordan can below!!

Get out there and make a difference!!

If a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can do it, So Can You!!!

Cheers Adam Bean

Adam Bean

I have failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed” Michael Jordan

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