Is Blogging a Team Sport?

by Adam Bean on January 3, 2010

If you just want the short answer it is an emphatic Yes!!

Now I can hear you thinking something like this. How can blogging which you do at home on your Laptop or PC, possible be considered a team sport?? After all your blog is about you and what you are doing right?

Wrong; your blog is about your readers, and the value you can provide them in the content you post. Sure you want to share some of your personal life with your readers so that they get know you.
But ultimately if your blog is just about you, unless you are a rock star actress/actor or some other famous type of individual, it’s highly unlikely that your visitor’s are going to keep coming back just to read about you.

All right I now hear you say I can see your point about my blog being about my readers, but I still don’t get what that has to do with Blogging being a team sport.

Let me explain how this will work for you..
This is something that I completely missed in my early online blogging efforts.
This concept is so powerful that it is seeing my blog start to be recognized, simple because I have taken the time to interact and add value to fellow bloggers.

To start with you have to get away from the old competition model of thinking that we are taught in school. This being everyone else in the class room is your competition, and you need to fight your hardest to be number one.

The internet is a massive mostly untapped market and I believe if everyone in the world had there own blog, we still wouldn’t satisfy the demand for quality relevant information.

It all comes back to the way you looks at things, if you look for lack or scarcity you will be sure to find it!!
The flip side is if you look for opportunity, you will find that as well.

One on the biggest buzzes I get is when another blogger that I am supposedly in competition with, comments on my blog and says something like…

“Hey Adam great post about blogging being a team sport I never thought of it like that well done”

All right so hopefully by now I have you beginning to recognize the benefits of blogging with a team mentality.
So where do we start to find these other bloggers to work with?
At this point I am going to split this post into two parts, as I have two action steps that I want you to take before we go any further, to get you on the road to meeting other bloggers that you could team up with.

The first action is to watch the video below, and the secondĀ  is to head over to and either sign up to their email list or subscribe to their RSS feed.

The quick video review below will explain to you the incredible value of a resource site like for bloggers or wanna be bloggers alike.

When you are ready for par two of this post click here…

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