Just become a Super Model

by Adam Bean on March 28, 2010

What is the quickest way to build a successful business ???

Just become a Super Model!!!

I know what you are thinking, Adam has really lost his mind this time!! How on earth are you suppose to become a super model??

Well the good news is it is actually a lot easier than you think. Usually when we start talking about super model’s our minds conjure up images such as the girl to the right here.

But that isn’t the type of super model I am referring too. So what exactly are you referring to then Adam I hear you ask??

When I say you need to become a super model what I mean is that you need to find someone successful that has already achieved what you want to achieve, and then model their habits.

Now why would you want to do this?? Because success leaves clues. Successful business owners have successful habits, so if you employ those same habits guess what?? The odds of you being successful increase dramatically.

There is no need to waste countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel. Just find a wheel that someone else has already invented and adapt it to your business.

You do however want your business to be uniquely about you. So don’t try and copy someone else or try to become exactly like them, be yourself  just model the habits of the successful person you choose.

You are very unique and have your own personality that is going to appeal to your target market. All you want to do is adopt a great role model’s success habits so that you start seeing the results that you want quickly.

So lets see how you can put this into action. I am going to use Bob the Teacher Jenkins as an example, as Bob already has a successful online business similar to what I am working towards building. I have learnt a great deal from his Internet Marketing Success Library and  from observing what he does on his blog.

From visiting Bob’s blog and from interviewing him I have learnt the following successful habits.

  • Creating information products.
  • Starting a Ustreamtv show.
  • Starting a blog talk radio show.
  • Posting relevant quality information on my blog.

If you check out Bob’s blog you will notice how even though I have modeled my business on Bob’s, I have still remained myself  and created my own unique brand of information.

I am a boilermaker by trade and have never shied away from that fact, it is part of my story and part of what makes me unique to the readers of my blog. So who are you going to choose to help you become a super model?

Please add your thoughts and idea’s to the comments section below, so that we can all benefit from them.

So get out there and make a difference!!

If a boilermaker form the Sunshine Coast can do it, So Can You!!!

Cheers Adam Bean

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