Social Entrepreneur Idea’s

by Adam Bean on November 11, 2009

Social Entrepreneur

So what exactly is a Social Entrepreneur, and how can becoming one make a difference in your community??

Wiki describes a Social Entrepreneur as someone who see’s a problem in their community, and uses entrepreneurial skills to solve that problem.

The big difference between a social entrepreneur and the old style entrepreneur.
Is that the social entrepreneur assesses their level of success, on the social good they are doing as well as profits.

To me profit and good social change should go hand in hand. There are only so many people you can help if you are broke yourself.
So I consider it the responsibility of the social entrepreneur, to be financially independent.

This does not mean you have to be wealthy to get started, on the contrary.
It all starts with a shift in your thinking, when you start looking for people to help and problems to solve.
You will then find that the ways you can profit from solving these problems, will follow.

Following are a list of people that I consider to be, to be making a difference with their entrepreneur idea’s.

Have a good look at their web sites and the entrepreneur ideas’s they have adapted to make a difference in their communities.

Then take those idea’s away and start looking for idea’s for making a difference in your community.

I with start with myself of course, being as this is my site I am allowed to do that. ROFL
As well as this site I have another business that creates interactive web marketing systems, and information products for bricks and mortar businesses.

  • sunshine coast web marketing – at sunshine coast web marketing we specialize in direct response web sites, that entice real customers looking to buy the products you are selling. we also realize that business owners such as yourself, already have enough to deal with …

Bob Jenkins AKA Bob the teacher.
Bob is a former school teacher that realized that amount of people he could impact was going to be very few, unless he did something different.
Bob is now an expert on business coaching, social media and teleseminar’s and impacts people’s live and business for the better, through his information products and coaching

  • The Truth About Teleseminar Costs – Today’s teleseminar formula lesson will put your fears at ease. The costs of a complete teleseminar product can be broken down into these parts. Your connection to a “bridge line”; Your listeners connection to a bridge line …

Ed Dale and the thirty day challenge crew.
The best free online marketing training available, if you want somewhere to start learning the skills you need to make a difference.
This is the place to go.
From humble beginnings of 927 people in 2005, the thirty day challenge has grown to over 76000 participators this year.
That is the awesome power of deciding to make a difference.

  • Thirty Day Challenge Update « Thirty Day Challenge – As you know, the Thirty Day Challenge’s official charity is Kiva, and you guys have done an amazing job helping us support this fantastic charity, in-fact, so far, we have managed to generate a truly awesome $27825 in loans, …

Let me finish off with two great social entrepreneurs that I know personally.

Rebecca Phillips of Lilly Beck Art, proving that everyone can make a difference.
Rebecca inspires people with her original acrylic artwork, as well as having a huge input in the home schooling community

  • My First Painting – “Summer Beauty” « Lilly Beck Art – I began my foray into the art world with much enthusiasm. I am a big believer in what some call the natural learning process, so I wanted to truthfully follow my heart, and learn in whichever way felt most comfortable to me. I didn’t want to paint a bowl of fruit, or, spend hours shading sketches of cubes and ball shapes.

Trevor Wozencroft of Wozen Photonic Therapy has impacted the lives of many people and their pets.
Passing on his expert knowledge of photonic therapy, and how it helps in the bodies healing process.

  • Photonic Therapy for Your Horses Treatment – What is Photonic Therapy? And how can it assist with your horses treatment, of his or hers various ailments. Photonic Therapy basically is needle free, pain free acupuncture. Allowing you to quickly and safely treat your horse, …

Anyway that is enough reading, now it’s time to find your entrepreneur ideas’s and

Get out there and make a difference!!!
If a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can do it. SO CAN YOU!!!

Cheers Adam Bean
The Sunshine Coast Social Entrepreneur

Adam Bean

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