What on earth is Beanie up too now??

To make it easier for you to see what events I have coming up I have published this google calender below.

Now I might even be able to keep track of what I am doing!!!

This is going to be a great tool to reflect back on at the years end, so that I can track what I have achieved through the year.

Now there is a he put the flat bit on the bottom moment if I ever saw one, I just have to go and add that to my post.

I will be back in a minute!!

So lets do that then I will put in the calender webinar to go through the progress for 2010. Lets say the 12th of December as Christmas 2010 is going to be different remember, no online stuff for at least two weeks for Beanie Boy in 2010!!!

Lock it in Eddy Go on scroll through and check it’s there ready to go!!!

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