Next Christmas it will be different or will it?

by Adam Bean on January 4, 2010

Go on be honest how many times have you said to yourself at Christmas time (or made a New Years resolution) that sounded something like this.

Next year things will be different, we will have more money and we will take that holiday overseas (just replace the overseas holiday with whatever it was that you promised yourself).

Did it happen?

Did you get to take that holiday?

Or was the next year exactly like the one before it?

If you aren’t really serious about Christmas 2010 being different, you may as well stop reading now and save yourself the hassle of coming up with a new list of excuses why you didn’t make Christmas 2010 different.

Because even if you don’t decide to work with me to make your Christmas 2010 different, I am going to share with you a plan that you can implement by yourself if you wish to ensure your 2010 Christmas is different.
But the tremendous value of my offer will become evident to you as you read this post.

Can you hear the thumps of the non serious people running for cover, that’s good because that is exactly what I wanted to achieve, I only want those really interested in changing their circumstances for the better in 2010 to be reading this far.

So get a cup of coffee sit down and relax as this is going to be my most important post for 2010.

All right so where were we? Ah now I remember we were talking about why saying “next year it will be different” doesn’t work.
You see despite your best intentions, just by merely using the term “next year it will be different” you are subconsciously giving yourself a legitimate reason to fail before you even start.
Hold on wait a minute Adam I hear you yelling at me, what do you mean I am making an excuse to fail.

Let me explain.
When we say next year it will be different (if  it’s 2009 now) as soon as the clock ticks over to 2010, we are still saying “next year it will be different” except now we are talking about 2011 and so the vicious circle of “next year it will be different” continues.

The brain relaxes and puts any thoughts of actually doing something different (such as finding a way of makeing money online) on hold because it now doesn’t have to come up with a plan until 2011. And guess what happens in 2011? It doesn’t have to come up with a plan until 2012 and on and on and on it goes!!!

So just by changing to “Christmas 2010 is going to be different” we are putting a time limit on things and we get those Entrepreneur ideas flowing, which in turn brings this whole idea one step closer to reality.
But that is only part of the solution, you will have noticed that I said earlier that we are going to have to do something different to get a different result.

So what exactly are we going to do differently to create a different result? What we are going to do is create a new habit, and that habit will be spending 15 minutes per day learning about starting a business online.
I can almost hear this question running through your mind, how is 15 minutes a day going to make my 2010 Christmas different?

Well it’s not the 15 minutes that is important, it’s creating the habit that is the important part.
You see research suggests that you have to do something at least 21 times before it forms a new habit, so we start with off slowly with something easy like 15 minutes a day and build momentum from there.

There is one other trick we are going to use to make sure that this habit sticks.
We are going to use your interests to build your business around, so that you actually look forward to spending that 15 minutes a day creating the new habit of makeing money online.
Which in turn is going to ensure Christmas in 2010 is different.

By the way I do realize I have made a spelling mistake in makeing money.
It’s a little trick that we may use if you decide to work with me for the next 12 months.

So now we have a fair idea of what has gone wrong in the past, and the interesting thing is we have now started to develop a plan to make sure that we get different results in the future.

So lets do a quick recap of what we have achieved so far.

  • We have decided a time frame being Christmas 2010.
  • We know what action we are going to take to get a different result, being forming a new habit.
  • We know what vehicle we are going to use for makeing money, an online business.
  • We have a business idea, a hobby or interest.

So now we are starting to develop what looks like a plan, do you think that we might just have increased our odds of turning this idea/resolution into reality with the work we have already done?
You better believe we have!!!

It’s looking pretty good but there are still a few things left that we can do to get this idea over the line.

We need a strong why something that will keep us motivated and on track towards making this plan come to reality. Maybe you want it to pay your mortgage so that you only have to work three days a week, it’s up yo you but it has to be something worth fighting for.

Last of all we need that bulls eye in the middle of the target so that we know exactly what we are aiming for.
That bulls eye is a dollar figure how much do you want to be making I can’t tell you what this figure should be, it is completely up to you and how much time and effort you are willing to invest.

There is one last piece to the puzzle how are you going to stay on track and keep going when things are tough, and they will get tough and you will want to quit at some point believe me I know.

I have been there, and not so long ago either.

So who is going to be there for you and kick your ASS to keep you going and make sure that your Christmas 2010 Is Different?? This is where my skills as a Construction Superintendent come into play.
Years of working in construction means that I am used to finding what it is that motivates people. I used to get hired on the premises of get Beanie on the job he will get shit happening and that is exactly what I am going to do for you.

Show you how to get things happening and if need be kick your ASS!!!
So this is going to be an extremely limited offer only Ten people will get to buy in so that I can concentrate my efforts on making sure that they are successful.
After all this is my reputation on the line and I only want people 100% committed to making change as well as that I want your success story to post up on my blog in Christmas 2010.

Before we go any further I want to tell you what you will get, and  I want to explain to you my guarantee.

I don’t want your money if you put in the effort and you aren’t successful.

So if you get to Christmas 2010 and you haven’t at least made all of your investment back, I will refund you the amount you are out of pocket, on one condition.

You have to prove you have put in the effort of at least 15 minutes a day.
That’s fair enough isn’t it?

Now instead of going into a long drawn out sales process, listing the value of everything you will get I am going to tell you right now how much you have to invest, so that I know you are serious

As far as I am concerned if you don’t think my offer is worth $97.00 (Yep that’s the price no need to keep wondering) especially seeing as there is no risk to you because of my money back guarantee that I explained earlier in the post.

Then this group isn’t really for you, as I said this is for the few that are dead set serious about changing their results.

Ok this is how it is going to work…

After you click the paypal button below and join I will contact you personally within 48 hours to welcome you to the group. Be sure to provide me with a contact number on the paypal form under add message to the seller box if you would like me to contact you by phone. Just in case this is my mobile number 0414502809.
Ring me first to check me out if you like.

What I am going to do is run a monthly call where all eleven of us get together and spend 1 to 2 hours discussing what we are working on.

As well as that I am going to show you where you can get some of the best online marketing video training absolutely free. The $97 you pay is just to cover the cost of the monthly calls. And my professional Ass kicking skills!!! Only joking.

I will also be available via email to help you as well.

As we progress you will have a few more costs that are involved with building an online business, these are all optional, and there are free options for the domain name and web hosting.

  • That is approximately $10 for a domain name (You may want to buy a couple of these)
  • Approximately $10 per month for web hosting.
  • Approximately $20 per month for an autoresponder.

If at any time you don’t feel that the program is worth it, you are free to leave and I will promptly refund your money.

Looking forward to helping you make your Christmas 2010 different.

Cheers Adam Bean

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