The Value of Time and Makeing Money

by Adam Bean on January 1, 2010

What is more valuable Time or Money??
Many of us believe thanks to years of poor mental programming that money is more valuable than time.
It will only cost you a little bit of your time is a very popular saying I hear regularly.

Well as you would well know from reading my blog that it isn’t often that I think like the general public, in fact it would be fair to say that I think exactly the opposite to the 98% of the population that tend to just go along with the norm.

In fact if I can convince you of just one thing in 2010, please let it be that your time is far more valuable than any amount of money.

What makes me say that you ask? Well this is the way I look at it…

  • Can you make more money?? the answer to that should be a resounding yes!!
  • Now can you make more time?? all of a sudden it is very quiet, did the penny just drop??

The amount of time you have is a very limited resource, but the amount of money you can make is infinite. It just takes a shift of mindset and learning of a new set of skills and you can have your own online business setup and be makeing money online. Will everyone quit telling me that I am spelling makeing money incorrectly.

I may only be a boilermaker, but I know that the spelling is wrong. And when it stars makeing money I will explain to you exactly why I am spelling it incorrectly.

Now before you go out and start spending all of this money you are going to earn online, let me tell you a little secret.

It going to take some hard work to make it all happen, if it was easy and money just fell out of the sky like many programs would have you believe, don’t you think that everyone would be doing it?

What I can do for you however is share with you some short cuts, that will ease the pain of the learning curve, I have a program running in 2010 that I am only going to take on ten serious people that genuinely want to start makeing money online, and are willing to put the effort in.

I was going to post it on New Year’s Eve, but I wanted all the hype to be over and the hangover’s well and truly set in, so that I end up with ten individuals that really want to make Christmas 2010 different.

So keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post, it will be my most important of the year.

Get out there and make a difference.

If a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can do it, So Can You!!

Cheers Adam Bean

The Sunshine Coast Social Entrepreneur

Before you go check out this great book that will teach you think the opposite to the masses!!!

Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite

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