Order of the Phoenix lesson Two

by Adam Bean on June 28, 2011

Welcome back today we are going to get a very important Market Research lesson.

This is probable the most important lesson of the “Order of the Phoenix” series and it comes from Fred and George Weasley.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter series, let me set the scene for you.

Fred and George have just returned to Hogwart’s for the start of their sixth year. Their all important OWLS (Junior high school year’s) were completed the year before, and they were keen to leave school and start a joke shop. But they go back to finish off their senior year as they don’t think their Mum won’t cope if they don’t. However they have decided to make the best of the situation and do some market research for their joke shop.

Lets let J.K.Rowling take over and explain this lesson further.

“We’re not going to waste our last year here, though, Said Fred, looking affectionately around the great hall. We’re going to use it to do a bit of market research, find out exactly what the average Hogwarts student requires from a joke shop, carefully evaluate the results of our research, then produce products to to fit the demand.”

Mmmm find out what your target market want’s, evaluate the results, produce products to fit the demand.

Sounds like a plan for success to me, if you never spent a cent on your marketing education (not something I would recommend BTW) and just followed these simple principles, you would be so far in front of the game that you wouldn’t have any choice but to be successful!!!

All we need now to get started with our top business ideas is an information product! But I don’t know how to create an information product Beanie I hear you say, and besides I don’t have the time!! Well that is the beauty of  the Internet Marketing Success Library inside is everything you will need to know to quickly create your own information product.

Bob has done such an exceptional job of putting together “5 Easy Steps To Record Your First Teleseminar Before The End Of Today”. That even a boilermaker who failed Art dismally and barely passed English could do it.

Now Beanie I hear you say how on earth can you substantiate a claim like that. All boilermakers do is heat, bash and weld steel!!

I know because I am that boilermaker!!! I joined the Internet Marketing Success Library and followed the “5 Easy Steps To Record Your First Teleseminar Before The End Of Today”. But then I did something really strange, I actually followed the instructions in that report and created an information product.

Well that wrap’s up today’s lesson, tomorrow we are going back to Hogwarts again for a lesson from Dumbledore about giving and trust.

Remember if a boilermaker from the Sunshine Coast can create an information product.

So Can You.

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